Welcome to d-tail.org!

Here you will find select photos that I shot with whatever I had at hand at the right moment.

A little history

I’m a hobbyist when it comes to photography and as such constantly learning. I’ve been taking photos for quite some time. But after some (exciting) experiments with good old film and self-developing pictures other things occupied me for quite a while. At some point I wanted to be able to take pictures of what I saw an liked without developing film and such - I started to look into digital photography. For some years I played around with various point-and-shoot cameras and later mobile phone cameras.

Around 2007 I started getting into long-time-exposure photography and light painting. When it was time to get a new point-and-shoot I choose one that was able to do 60-second-exposures. Armed with the camera, a tripod and some lights I started venturing out into the night to experiment and toy around with all things that glow and shine in the night and seemed promising to me. After some pretty long nights and nice shots, failed attempts also kept piling up. The point-and-shoot was always trying to measure the focus in the night. That resulted in a fail-rated of around 75% on bad nights. I lost some very nice shots to the autofocus and started lusting for a proper DSLR that would let set everything manually.

Since April of 2010 I am finally in possession of a proper DSLR. I call a dated but very trusty Nikon D50 my own. A good friend of mine gave it to me as a present for my birthday because he switched to the Nikon D90. The kit-lens was a bit broken (autofocus not working) but it was my start into the world of DSLRs. I started shooting right away. I was lucky enough to have friends and family that also use Nikon cameras and lend various lenses - which shows in the variety of the pictures. Just take a look around the galleries.